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What is TV Advertising?

TV advertising involves sending promotional messages or media content to viewers. The viewers are then influenced by the advertisement and perform the desired actions.

No. 1

Live TV is still the number one video touchpoint.


89.8% of adults in 2019 watched linear TV each month.


Free-to-air TV channels in Ireland reach 94.4% of the overall population monthly.

Why choose TV Advertising?

TV advertising plays a significant role in sustaining a brand’s relationship with the consumer, as it drives memorability, sales, and long-term brand equity.

1. Scale and reach: TV Advertising can help build brand desirability and create fame in the eyes of potential customers. No other form of advertising can lure as many sights in such a short time.

2. Brand Safety: TV Advertising is the most trusted form of advertising as it includes strict regulation that safeguards its viewers from scams, fraud and inappropriate placement of ads. Also, brands that advertise on TV are seen as credible in the eyes of the viewers.

3. Long-term Sucess: TV Advertising has both short term and long-term implications. Increased sales, high search volume and established word of mouth are all short-term implications. The actual results rack up over time; the longer you advertise, the more prominent will be the effect

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