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Hastings Hotels are Northern Ireland’s leading luxury hotel group, with six hotels situated in Belfast. We began working with Hastings Hotels in 2019.

Campaign Objective: 

  • Encourage people to visit Northern Ireland and, more specifically, visit one of the six Hastings Hotels.
  • Educate people in the Republic of Ireland about the product and services offered by Hastings Hotels.

Target Audience:

  • The target audience for the campaign was adults and ABC1 adults.

Where it Ran:


  • On TV, we chose to run our 60″ AD copy. The AD copy showcases Belfast and Northern Ireland in a way to attract potential customers to visit the country.
  • In Northern Ireland, we chose to run Hastings fantastic TV AD across UTV, and Channel 4 as these are two of the major broadcasters in Northern Ireland. Finally, the campaign resulted in 2,757,120 views across both channels.
  • In the Republic of Ireland, we chose to run our TV AD on Virgin media. As a result, the TV AD was viewed 2.8 million times in the Republic of Ireland.


  • We chose to utilise National radio stations targeting Dublin and the greater Dublin Area. The radio campaign generated a total of 8,277,000 listens.
  • Our radio ad ran across three major stations, which gave us good coverage in the Greater Belfast region and Northern Ireland, resulting in 3,511,000 listens.

Listen To Their Radio Advertisement

Video On Demand

  • We chose to run our AD on UTV Hub because a large percentage of the demographic watch shows featured on UTV Hub. The AD brought about 85,000 impressions on UTV Hub.

Digital Audio

  • We chose to run our 30″ AD copy for individual hotels on Spotify Northern Ireland to target the younger target market. The AD copy generated 125,000 views as a result.


  • Substantial increase in bookings and revenue.

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