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Clarins are one of the world’s leading beauty brands and we at Ad Vantage media can proudly say we have worked closely together since 2015 across multiple product launches, and brand awareness campaigns. One such campaign we launched aimed at promoting Clarins new Double Serum Eye.

Campaign Objective:

  • To promote Clarins new Double Serum Eye.
  • To increase brand awareness.

Target Audience:

This campaign was aimed at all adult women to encourage them to purchase the product.


  • The AD ran across the following channels: RTE One, RTE Two, Virgin Media, Sky Network and Sky on Demand. The 30″ AD copy showcases the product in a cinematic style informing consumers about the unique formula used to create the product.
  • The TV AD generated a total of 8,405,755.40 views across the advertised platforms.


  • On radio, we ran across National Radio and Local radio targeting the main cities around Ireland and focusing on areas where Clarins products are heavily stocked.
  • Our Radio campaign reached 64.9% of adult females in Ireland, equating to 9,617,000 listens.


  • Magazines were one such medium we employed as part of our print strategy as it provides exclusivity. Premium magazines offer ample presentation of a brand, resulting in better reach and sales growth.
  • We advertised in magazines such as the Gloss, Irish Country Mag and Irish Tatler.


  • To launch Double Serum Eye for Clarins, we used a combination of high impact ad formats across the full spectrum of the media landscape in Ireland, focusing on websites where our target market regularly visits.
  • The AD ran on platforms such as, MailOnline, Evoke. i.e., Rollercoaster. i.e.,, &
  • The AD generated a combined total of 1,800,000 AD impressions.

Video on Demand/ YouTube

  • We ran our targeted ADs on YouTube, Sky On Demand, Virgin Media Player and RTE Player. We were able to generate a total of 500,000 impressions as a result.


  • We utilised Tsides, Adshel’s Bus Shelters, Dpods and many other forms of outdoor advertising to improve the product’s visibility among potential customers.


  • Increase in the number of product sales.
  • Improved brand awareness.

We are experts at building campaigns that work.

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