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What is Search Engine Advertising?

Search Engine Advertising or SEA is a medium through which advertisers directly display your ads among different search engines such as Google, Bing and so on.

In SEA, the ad is placed directly on the search engine results page and on websites where your target market is more likely to visit.


93% of the total web traffic is through a search engine.


SEA spend currently accounts for half of the total digital advertising spend.

Why choose Search Engine Advertising?


Approximately 5 billion searches are being performed daily on Google, and hence, it is ideal that we exploit the power of the largest search engine in the world.

Our tested methodology coupled with 20 years of experience in executing search campaigns makes us a fitting prospect to lead your SEA strategies.

From branding to traffic to conversion

The main objective of Search Engine Advertising is to attract potential customers and visitors to the website. With the help of Pay-Per-Click, you can reach around 80% of the user base, making it a suitable option for B2B and B2C. It also gives your website a wider reach and provides an edge over the competition.

Google shopping

For a business looking to grow its popularity and ROI, this strategy proves to be a no-brainer. Google shopping allows consumers to search, view and make comparisons with various products.

Our experts are well versed in Google shopping and are ready to do the heavy lifting to maximise the revenue from this highly profitable channel.


Search Engine Advertising is highly data-driven and provides detailed metrics that will help track your returns, ads interactions, site interactions, site engagements, leads, sales and finally, profit.

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