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What Is Out Of Home Advertising?

Out of Home advertising (OOH), also known as outdoor advertising, refers to the mode of advertising that reaches a target market outside of their homes. It is a part of the above the line advertising strategy, which is non-targeted and has a broad reach.


OOH drives more than three times the social and digital activations.


OOH brings in more significant ROI for every dollar spent.

Why Choose Out Of Home Advertising?


Out of Home advertising is location-driven. It helps people engage with the relevant message portrayed by the brand, hence, influencing change. OOH offers flexibility, i.e., campaigns containing multiple messages can be shown in different locations where they will be most relevant.

Our in-house team will begin your Out of Home Advertising strategy by answering the above questions through market research and demographic data.


Out of Home advertising is a great platform to showcase your brand’s creativity to the outside world.

A great ad space coupled with a clear and lasting message provides a perfect testing environment to display your brand’s creative ideas. The inclusion of data in the form of research insights and integrated data sources has helped advertisers optimise their campaigns more effectively.


OOH advertising amplifies messaging and content through a strong synergy and are a natural fit with other media forms such as TV, Radio and Print.

The emergence of the digital age has further fuelled the popularity of OOH advertising as they complement each other, given the environments in which they are consumed. As a result, advertisers can look into other creative avenues and strategies to best utilise the synergy.

Data Driven

Data has completely changed the landscape of advertising and marketing. It has allowed better personalisation, improved targeting, and more accurate assessment.

Data plays an integral part in the OOH advertising campaigns. It assists advertisers from start to finish, provides vital insights on the type of content to employ, shows essential statistics regarding the target demographic, and helps analyse the campaign’s overall success.

Types of Out of Home Advertising

  • Point of Purchase displays
  • Print billboards
  • Transport placement
  • T-Side
  • Adshel
  • Adbox
  • Bus Shelter
  • Purchase Point
  • Digi-Panels
  • AdShel Live
  • iVision
  • Dpods

Some Of Our Out Of Home Advertising Work!

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