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Why Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising provides a unique opportunity for advertisers looking to gain reach among potential customers. For that reason, the Irish regional radio stations, with their large audience bases, make it an ideal medium to advertise at a nationwide or a regional level.


3.17 million people tune in every day to listen to the radio.


4 hours and 16 minutes is the average time spent daily by listeners on the radio.


On an average day, radio holds 78% of the audio market.

What is Radio Advertising?

Radio advertising refers to the buying of radio commercials to promote a given product or service. Advertisers pay the regional radio stations for airtime, and in return, the radio station telecasts the commercials to their audience.

Radio advertising offers other avenues such as radio sponsorships, radio leads, radio jingles, and radio testimonials. We at Ad Vantage Media will help you decide which avenue of radio advertising you should opt for to ensure the right fit for your brand.


3.2 million Irish adults are avid listeners to the radio, which provides unique access to national and local audiences for advertisers to reach the right demographic. Knowledge of your customer base and target demographic is crucial in narrowing down the right radio station.

Our Radio Advertising enthusiasts at Ad Vantage Media, with the help of Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) data, will create targeted radio campaigns for the right audience to improve your ad’s performance.

Control Brand Narrative

One of the main reasons that make radio ads effective is because it’s entirely audio-based. Radio Advertising offers a lot of flexibility for advertisers looking to deliver the right message to their audience.

Our experienced in-house scriptwriters will help shape the perfect narrative by creating the right brand message to inform your audience of your company’s offerings. We will ensure that the right promotional strategies are chosen and make sure it delivers a successful outcome.

Local Radio

Radio does an impressive job of mirroring the personality of the city or county in which it broadcasts. A radio station in Galway will be entirely unique when compared to, let’s say, Dublin. Radio is a trusted medium in local communities for news and information and by targeting local radios it can help narrow down the target audience and improve brand reach.


Psychologists worldwide believe that consumers need to be exposed to an advertising message at least three times. Most businesses cannot afford to keep up with that frequency through other modes of advertising, but with radio, it is far easier.

In terms of radio advertising, the main cost factor lies in sound and dialogue, which involves a smaller group of people. Whereas with TV advertising it would require you to hire and pay for a cast, a crew, and pay for TV ad slots, which can be significantly more expensive than radio.


Cost-effectiveness coupled with a broader audience makes Radio Advertising a very attractive prospect. The peak advertising times for Radio Advertising are during the day, like commuting hours, where listeners tune in for extended periods of time. Unlike other modes of advertising, your ad will be at the forefront of everything else when it is played.

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Some Of Our Radio Work!


To promote Clarins new Double Serum Eye, we ran across National Radio and Local radio targeting the main cities around Ireland and focusing on areas where Clarins products are heavily stocked. Our Radio campaign reached 64.9% of adult females in Ireland, equating to 9,617,000 listens.

Hasting Hotels

To encourage people to visit Northern Ireland and, more specifically, visit one of the six Hastings Hotels, we chose to utilise National radio stations targeting Dublin and the greater Dublin Area. The radio campaign generated a total of 8,277,000 listens across 3 major stations in the Belfast area and NI.

Irish Heart

To raise awareness about the different signs of stroke, we used a mixture of local and national radio stations in order to reach the target audience. From this activity, we reached 76.6% of the Adult population resulting in 2,991,000 adults hearing the AD on an average of 7.2 times.

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