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What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads, as the name suggests, refers to paid ads that are shared on LinkedIn. It is an effective marketing tool, especially for B2B businesses looking to gain leads, build brand awareness, recognition and share content.


Ad exposure through LinkedIn has shown a 33% increase in buying intent.


2.4 million Irish users are on LinkedIn

Why LinkedIn Ads?


It’s not always that simple to showcase campaigns towards your target audience. With the help of LinkedIn targeting options, B2B and B2C companies can find the right audience which fits the buyer persona.

Our in-house team at Ad Vantage Media will analyse your clients, build buyer persona through market research, and target these key decision-makers with relevant and up-to-date messages.


One word that best describes LinkedIn is “networking”. LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform for professionals and businesses, with over 660 million users in over 200+ countries. With the help of LinkedIn, your business will be able to network and build meaningful relationships with your target audience, increasing the chances to generate leads.


LinkedIn Ads are a no brainer when it comes to a B2B marketing strategy as it helps improve online presence and visibility. When optimised correctly, LinkedIn Ads can help improve overall visibility, brand reach, and lower marketing spend.

Lead generation

If you are a B2B firm looking to gain sales and build connections, LinkedIn is the tool you need to opt for. It provides advertisers with the opportunity to target the correct demographic which matches the audience.

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